Health care

Healthcare is provided by professional medical staff licensed by the professional chambers as recommended by the general medical practitioner and specialist physicians. Caregivers also assist in providing care.

  • daily health care;
  • implementation of medical procedures as instructed by the physician;
  • preparation and administration of medication as instructed by the physician;
  • organisation of medical examinations;
  • staff accompaniment to specialist examinations;
  • implementation of professional procedures according to standardized work procedures;
  • taking biological samples for laboratory processing as instructed by the physician;
  • delivery of laboratory test results;
  • delivery and preparation of medication.
Sports and recreational activities

In accordance with the residents’ health condition, abilities and interests, the home provides walks, stretching and recreational sports activities.

The home regularly hosts:

  • medical gymnastics,
  • aerobic exercises,
  • spinal exercises,
  • osteoporosis prevention exercises,
  • exercises with a medicine ball,
  • treatments to improve circulation,
  • treatments to strengthen muscles,
  • treatments to stimulate cardiac function,
  • yoga for seniors,
  • relaxation,
  • recreation in nature,
  • walks along the sea on the famous Selce-Crikvenica health promenade.
Physical therapy

In accordance with the evaluation of the resident’s functional abilities and individual rehabilitation plan, the physical therapy department implements individual treatments and group therapy exercises. Physical therapy is carried out by licensed bachelors and masters in physical therapy.

Our state-of-the art physical therapy room offers:

  • therapeutic exercises (passive and active exercises, resistance exercises, isometric exercises, strength exercises, balance exercises, relieving exercises, respiratory, exercises, getting up, standing and walking exercises, cycling, coordination exercises, sphincter exercises, general fitness exercises),
  • medical massage,
  • cryotherapy,
  • TENS,
  • electrotherapy,
  • ultrasound,
  • individual counselling and education: providing information, instruction on how to live independently,
  • training sessions on how to use prosthetics, orthoses and other orthopaedic aids,
  • family education.
Cultural and entertainment activities

The home organises various cultural and entertainment activities:

  • boat trips,
  • visits to the cinema, theatre, concerts, museums and other events,
  • fieldtrips, picnics,
  • birthday celebrations for residents,
  • events in honour of all important national, religious and international holidays,
  • exhibitions,
  • presentations, lectures, discussions,
  • guest performances of artists, theatre groups and cultural associations,
  • ethnic cuisine weeks.
Occupational therapy

A licensed physical therapist carries out individual and group treatments in accordance with the functional status of the resident and individual rehabilitation plan.

Individual training includes training sessions for daily activities, assistance and advice regarding the use of self-care aids, counselling.

Group therapy includes the organisation of leisure activities in accordance with the residents’ abilities and interests.

Planned workshops
  • creative workshop;
  • workshops for making soap, small decorative items (plaster, etc.);
  • healthy lifestyle workshops: exercise, meditation, healthy cooking courses;
  • Internet use workshops: Skype, Facebook, networking;
  • journalism workshop;
  • literary, theatre, music and dance workshops.
Additional services
  • hairdresser and pedicure services;
  • burial services;
  • other services at the request of the resident.
Additional services for residents in assisted living apartments

Residents may use additional services at their discretion in agreement with the home’s expert team.

  • meal delivery;
  • cleaning services;
  • laundry services;
  • healthcare;
  • physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • medical care;
  • occupational therapy;
  • cultural and entertainment activities;
  • recreational activities.

The above activities may be scheduled individually or within a custom designed package.