We want to be the standard, the measure of quality and professionalism, the first choice of future residents, a desirable employer and a reliable business partner.


Salvia home is the first senior residence in Croatia built on the model of fourth generation homes which implies better resident integration into the community and their participation in everyday activities.

The main aim of the development of this residence model is to meet the need for maintaining a good quality of life into old age.

This luxury home is located on the very shore of the Crikvenica seaside with a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay.

The central part of the residence is the main building with 71 rooms: 38 single and 33 double rooms. The main building also has the kitchen and restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats, a café, three common rooms with a kitchen, two winter gardens with spacious terraces, physical therapy, fitness centre, infirmary, library, work therapy and other service rooms.

The construction of a spa centre with a sauna world and indoor swimming pool is planned.

The main building is connected to three residential blocks with a total of 48 two-bedroom and three-bedrum apartments, connected with the main building through the SOS alarm.

The residence also includes an underground garage with a total of 54 parking spaces.

Apartments in our residence can be rented or purchased. We have developed an innovative model of assisted living for our residents. The convenience of independent living has been recognised by many of our residents, because they can use all the services Salvia provides in the intimacy of their home: from meal delivery, medical and rehabilitation facilities and organised joint activities.

The added value of this project is based on the fact that seniors will live a more quality, content and longer life in our residence.

As part of the residence, a number of cultural and entertainment as well as sports and recreational activities are available. To give our residents the choice to grow being active, we organise many workshops, fieldtrips and similar activities.

In addition to long-term accommodation, we offer temporary accommodation for all those who need increased medical care or rehabilitation for a shorter period.


Home residents can be accommodated in luxurious rooms with a balcony and a view of the sea. Each floor is designed with common areas and a kitchen available for socialisation and joint activities. The home is equipped with a modern fitness room where you can enjoy the view of the sea while you exercise on training equipment specially adapted for seniors.

The home is organised as an active community where each resident is given an individual approach, provided help to shape their lives in a way which is most like their life at home. We have four spacious common areas with kitchens for joint activities, two winter gardens with spacious terraces overlooking the island of Krk and the Kvarner Riviera. We also always have a multivalent restaurant with guaranteed quality homemade cuisine at the residents’ requests, available at all times.

For those who what to live in their home, we offer the option of accommodation in fully equipped two- or three-bedroom apartments. People who opt for living in the apartment, fully tailored to seniors, have the option to use the assistance and home care services, meal delivery, rehabilitation, medical interventions and leisure activities at their own discretion and to the extent that suits them.

Our expert team consists of medical staff licensed by professional chambers:

  • family medicine physician,
  • specialist psychiatrist,
  • nurses (bachelors and nurses with secondary education),
  • physical therapists (bachelors and masters of physical therapy),
  • occupational therapists,

Our residents have medical assistance and care 24-hours a day.

List of accommodation documentation

  • Birth certificate;
  • Copy of health insurance card;
  • Copy of personal ID card or passport;
  • Certificate of current medical condition;
  • Recent medical records;
  • Accommodation request.

Download the accommodation documentation:

Apartment purchase

It is proven that a certain number of seniors are planning to move from big cities to smaller places, or return to Croatia from abroad where their lives will be better and cheaper. For this reason, we offer the chance to purchase an apartment within our residence where you have all the necessary services at your disposal.

Each resident of our home, as well as their family, feels safe because all apartments are equipped with SOS alarms. In case of any accident, a nurse is available 24 hours per day and can intervene within 30 seconds.

Seniors who want to live in a building built in accordance with the energy efficiency model, in the Mediterranean climate near the sea, have the opportunity to live in a facility which provides a special quality of life and a safe and comfortable life for seniors. The advantage of this investment is that, in summer, family members can come to the seaside to spend time with our residents.

Technical information

Salvia senior residence
Zidarska 42, 51260 Crikvenica
PIN: 60942650569


Accommodation: 104 beds
Restaurant: 80 seats
Apartments: 12 apartments


Founder: Mešić com d.o.o. Zagreb
Established in: 2015.
Head: Kudelić Karolina

Reception desk telephone no. (from 8:00 to 16:00):
+385 51 563 665
+385 99 474 6835


Infirmary telephone no. (from 0:00 to 24:00):
+385 51 563 667
+385 99 474 6831